You Are A Graduate And Unemployed; Why Don’t You Become An Entrepreneur?

Become An Entrepreneur

Some years back the typical career plan was to go to university/college, graduate, and then get a job. Today it’s a different story, you graduate and you can’t get a job even with a first class degree, what then? Rather than spending years doing nothing, why don’t you become an entrepreneur? You may even be able to provide lucrative employment to your fellow graduates. It is a logical and a smart choice to launch an entrepreneurial venture right out of university/college; here are 5 reasons why;

You’ve got nothing to lose

When you begin with nothing (no capital) and try to bootstrap your venture like most young entrepreneurs do, you have little to lose other than your time. On the other hand if you launch a venture after you have been working for a couple of years, more often than not you are going to have a higher initial investment and burn rate. As a young entrepreneur you can afford to fail, therefore you are well positioned to tackle high risk rewards.

You’ve got fewer financial responsibilities

At this time you may have very few financial obligations that might prevent you from taking a leap of faith into becoming an entrepreneur. Unlike grownups you may not have a mortgage, property taxes or little mouths to feed and chances are that you are back at your parents’ place; why not use this time to take the risk.

There are resources out there to get your venture off the ground.

There are organizations set up to assist Batswana  to start businesses, the likes of  LEA which has since adopted an all sector strategy to help you from the idea phase, The Business Place also does this; the likes of CEDA, YDF & Kickstart (competition) to provide finance for your startup. There is really no reason why you should not get started today.

Mentors and other entrepreneurs can serve as your support system.

A successful small business often depends on the strength of a support network. Use your personal network — your parents, friends, internship colleagues etc. You are now in luck because you can also count Startup Botswana in your support network, browse through our articles, find people and companies that can help you accelerate your start-up process on our directories or contact our business solutions team to sort you out.

Starting Your Business means you get to do what you love.

I have heard people and even stories of people who go to work every morning but really don’t enjoy what they are doing.  Some say, they are in their position just to make ends meet, some say their job is limiting their goals/dreams, some say… the list is endless but all I know is that starting a business allows you to take control of your future and your career. “It’s time to get creative.”