How To Navigate Through Your Entrepreneurial Journey With More Focus

focusWith the new year now in the rear-view mirror, it is very important to redirect your focus to what is going to drive your company’s growth going forward.

Here are seven things to focus on as you settle in to the new year;

Take a look back:The first thing you should do is to look back at your “to do list” for the firstquarter of the year. As a matter of fact there will be accomplishments, failures and not done yet items. What you need to do is to incorporate the “not done yet items” in your current “to do list.”

Set specific goals: Set a few clear objectives, maybe one for each month; keep them simple, and make sure they’re reachable. It is not advisable to pursue a goal that you know at the back of your head that it is not attainable. Don’t waste time focusing on things that won’t help you reach your goals.

Track Progress You should set your goals focusing on what’s important to your business — whether that’s gross margins, number of closed deals, or some other metric. Measure against the past month’s numbers; this will give you a clearer picture of what to expect or what you should focus on.

 Try new things:Get rid of one size fits all type of strategies. Try new things and evaluate the results; even if they are unimpressive, there is value in the attempt because you can see what didn’t work. Keep what works and focus on the next thing. Most importantly: Don’t be afraid to fail. You just might hit a gold mine.

Be mobile friendly. It’s time to give some serious consideration to making your digital communications mobile friendly because people rely mostly on their mobile devices to consume and find information nowadays. Make sure your website and your emails are optimized to work with mobile devices.

Use social media:Social media tools make it easy and inexpensive to manage many relationships, and to give your audience a real sense of who you are. Make sure to write in a conversational tone, the same way you speak, not the way you would write a brochure. These are the type of messages and posts that your audience will respond to the most.

Compliment employees: It is very important to acknowledge the importance of your employees to your company – letting them expressly know that you appreciate the work and/ hours they are putting in your company. Yes you pay them for that but without them you don’t have a business.