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Become a partner: Upstarter is equipped to help your organization with its entrepreneur and small business initiatives/priorities. We have various ways you can leverage our network for your initiative, from content creation to campaigns, events, competitions & more. We are prepared to go an extra mile.

This enhances your value proposition by providing the beneficiaries of your initiative with a holistic network of support beyond what you already offer.

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Become a sponsor: Upstarter runs various events and programs to celebrate, inspire and accelerate enterprise in Botswana and therefore relies on the generous support of sponsors to fuel such initiatives. Sponsors are seamlessly integrated into the content of the events/programs and receive significant exposure through a variety of promotional channels.

This enhances your business and entrepreneur-targeted marketing efforts and socializes your corporate brand across the Botswana entrepreneurship community.

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Become an influencer: Participate on our Q&A forum, speak at our events and or write articles that will inspire, motivate and help entrepreneurs to achieve new levels of success. Becoming a startup mentor is a way of giving back to your community, and pass on your knowledge and expertise to the next generation of entrepreneurs in Botswana.

This establishes you as a thought leader and champion of entrepreneurship across the wider entrepreneur community and the nation at large.

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