Connecting Personally With Your Clients: Seven Ways That Work

Connect With Customers

Businesses should focus more on the provision of outstanding products or services to their clients but however that simply isn’t enough. An extra personal touch can make all the difference in customer satisfaction.

Here are seven tips on how you can make personal connections with your clients that will keep them coming back;

Make time for one on one meeting’s.

The simple, quick and less stressful thing to do is to send a prospective client an email but let’s face it; one-on-one meetings are a better solution to establishing personal connections. This is the best way known to creating relationships with the people who will get you the deal, the c-level managers. So it’s time to move away from your iphone or blackberry and start networking the traditional way but don’t dismiss email and phone calls totally they are great for follow ups.

Ask questions first

Take time to know your client and their needs before hitting them with a sales pitch. Start by asking your prospective client questions that will help them clearly explain or reveal what their needs are. Once you get hold of that important data, you will know the best way to display how your product/service can satisfy their needs.

Be attentive

Do not give your prospective client a reason to feel they are being ignored while responding to your question, it’s a total turn off and it can turn things ugly.  Be a good listener and ask follow up questions if necessary. Offering your customer what they need even before they ask definitely shows you are listening.

Take Responsibility

Letting your prospective client that you are personally willing to do all things possible to address their problem and that they can count on you to advocate for them will get you in their good books. But be sure not to make promises you can’t keep.

Compliment them

Who doesn’t love a compliment? A compliment can instantly make you smile and turn your day around. “Thank you for giving us the opportunity to help you out with this” or remarking on your customers order instantly shows you care.

Remember a few details

Little things matters; if you have clients who frequently visit your business, try your level best to remember a few details about them and bring them up in the conversation. Your clients will totally be impressed that your business cares not only about money but its clients too; this personal touch will keep them coming back.

Keep your cool

Do not be tempted to rush the process, it takes time to establish lasting relationships with clients, so be patient. Take as much time as may be needed to take the client through your product/service, how it will benefit them and so on; that is to say, take time to satisfy their needs. This will put your in a better position to closing a deal with them.