Upstarter is an entrepreneur-led support platform for entrepreneurs in Botswana. We are focused into helping entrepreneurs to succeed by giving them access to business resources, relationships, opportunities, tools and knowledge they need to be successful.

Building entrepreneurial tools and highlighting the myriad of support and resources available to those who wish to start, run and grow their businesses is something that’s central to our operations so as to help them easily navigate through their entrepreneurial journey.

By leveraging the expertise, resources and work of key economic players in the economy of Botswana, we are working to maximize the success of entrepreneurs; advance momentum and culture of entrepreneurship; and provide a clear and respected entrepreneur voice to all relevant stakeholders.

“In today’s business environment, having a positive and encouraging network to lean on is a powerful thing” – Ogopotse Olebile

Our Vision

Upstarter’s vision is to be a trusted and a go to platform for entrepreneurial support in Botswana.

Our Mission

Upstarter’s mission is to give entrepreneurs access to business resources they need to be successful.

Our Core Values

Our core values are deeply rooted in every aspect of our business and are the internal driving force for the company.

  • We are passionate and dedicated to our work
  • We foster respect and cooperation amongst the team
  • We satisfy, delight & create value for our clients
  • We welcome feedback so as to improve
  • We embrace and drive change


  • You can be serious without a suit.

History (Our Story)

“Upstarter started off as a business networking group on LinkedIn and gradually transformed into a national entrepreneur support platform. Since then we have been working day in and out building tools and features onto that help startups grow faster. With every milestone they reach, we get to see the significance of such efforts and knowing that we are part of that journey makes it all worth it.” – Ogopotse Olebile, Founder.

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